What an adventure of a day on this post-wedding shoot. We got it all. From snow, forests and mountaintops, to sea, sand and surf. It really was an epic adventure. Ireland is stunning and it does offer it all. Sometimes in one day.

Post-wedding shoots are now becoming more of a trend. Especially with more intimate weddings our current outlook for the time being. This type of shoot is a fantastic opportunity for couples to have an extra exciting day for themselves to back into their original wedding gear, or buy new looks as the stylish Brenda & Kevin did, and have additional bridal images taken in some additional epic locations. What’s not to love! On this shoot I worked with Chris from SkyEyeWeddingFilms who captured some beautiful video of the post-wedding shoot adventure.

As a Wedding Photographer I adore being able to meet and get to know so many fantastic couples, hearing all about their unique love stories, capturing their day, with an end of result being wedding day images that reflect those stories and their unique personalities. Another perk to having these additional post-wedding shoots are even more epic bridal portraits to share with friends and family- who perhaps weren’t permitted to attend your day-due to lock down restrictions.

Brenda and Kevin had their Mount Druid wedding day with 25 guests. The pair had original plans to wed on Brenda’s parents farm with a whopper guest list of 450. But due to Covid-19 restrictions and after enduring a few dates changes, they decided to pivot their plans to reflect restrictions and of course went on to throw an unbelievable bash, with their 25 permitted guests. Do check my blogs for their featured Bo-ho Music Festival themed Wedding and look out for it’s upcoming real wedding feature on

It’s beautiful to see from their wedding day images and their post-wedding shoot how madly in love these two are. On their post wedding shoot we were greeted with heaps of snow, which really was a treat not only for our senses, but also for their images. Straight off the bat it was snowball fights. I think Brenda initiated it first, but it also could have been Kevin. It all happened so quickly so I can’t really say, but it brought on roars of laughter- followed by the two of them dancing off the snowflakes on the mountaintops complete with clear snowy views. Delightful!

We had humorous mountain top moment when a little kid that looked like a Formula One Racer, raced past in a small red sports car. But not too fast as so he couldn’t take a quick peek at the stylish, stopping traffic pair.

Brenda wore a gorgeous Chanel earring and necklace set. It was a stunning gift from Kevin ahead of their wedding day. She also looked incredible in a jumpsuit and hat from ASOS, a vintage coat, boots from Dr. Martin

and Balmain sunglasses. Kevin the same, rocking a Lambretta suit, shoes from Adidas  and sunglasses from Tom Ford

Along the way we made time for a quick stop to the beach. I’m fond of all of  their images of the day, and there is this one, where the two of them are having so much fun by the Atlantic surf and it’s like beautiful Brenda’s gorgeous energy and kind personality is emerging from the waves of the water, while Kevin is there greeting her, smiling, laughing, holding her hand. It’s a beautiful moment and really reflects who they are as a pair.

We also made time to stop by a favorite forest where we had a bit of fun with some colored smoke, before we hiked to the top of a mountain for a gorgeous snowy sunset. All the extra epic locations you’d love to make it to on your actual wedding day, but with wedding day timeline time constraints, you’re a bit more limited.  So there is so much to love about additional post wedding shoots. Not to mention such a fun day out!

Before we made our way back down the hill, we were having a bit of fun with the fresh snow, which resulted in a large gust of it landing all over poor Kevin. Everybody howled with laughter and the shots are very humorous, not to mention Chris’s video. Funnily upon reflection as I write this, Brenda & Kevin also had a confetti bomb go off over their heads the same way on their wedding day VIA a wonderfully enthusiastic wedding guest. Funny moments with them for sure.

To close on what was an already epic day, you can’t just walk down a mountaintop.  Oh no, these two wrapped it up by sliding down together on top of a greased up tyre. As you do. WD40 and that’s a wrap!

Thanks to Brenda and Kevin for having me there to photograph their epic post-wedding shoot.  I wish you both nothing but the continued success!


Photography : Nina Val Photography

Videography: Skyeye Wedding Films

Brenda and Kevin’s looks:

Jumpsuit: ASOS

Hat:  ASOS Feathers, pampas grass and barley by Stephanie Gleeson

Coat – Vintage

Boots – Dr. Martin
Jewellery – Chanel
Sunglasses – Balmain
Suit – Lambretta
Shoes – Adidas
Sunglasses – Tom Ford