This Beautiful Moroccan wedding was a collaboration between myself Nina Val Photography and David Frain Being no strangers to the world of weddings, Morocco was indeed new ground to relish for us as a destination wedding photography duo.

Hosted in Marrakesh at the stunning Dar Moucha, Imane and Aydan spared no stops for their spectacular Moroccan wedding day. Their wedding venue, La Villa Dar Moucha, was a paradise located only 25 minutes from the center of Marrakesh. Their guests flew in from all around the world. Upon arrival on the wedding day, as per tradition, they were treated to milk and fresh dates.

Music was a theme throughout their whole Moroccan Wedding day. Longhorns, drums, shakers and Moroccan music continued throughout the day and well into the evening. Beautiful ethnic chants of “La Chakra” by the brides 5 traditional helpers, were a common sound. Imane’s best friend sang as the radiant bride made her way up the aisle. Aydan knew every word to the song and also sang his heart out along with her, until he turned around for that first emotional look at Imane.

Dancing was also a vivid theme. A tradition which, upon the guests arrival was to be greeted by one of the appointed members of the traditional Moroccan band. He danced as he carried a rustically worn leather satchel which was filled with items that reflected wishes for the couple. In it he had a princess shoe, a baby doll, a baby’s dummy and a telephone that he put to your ear so you can whisper wishes into it, among other items.

The whole atmosphere and setting of La Villa Dar Moucha is breathtaking and cinematic. Rose petals covered the lawn, chairs were aligned meticulously, Palm trees swayed in the warm air, water bottles were on hand and every detail was seen to by the expert planning of Maroc Sensations.

Guests, fanning themselves in the dewy heat with their custom wedding fans, all relished the atmosphere and sights of Imane and Aydan’s Moroccan wedding ceremony. Glorious vivid colours were worn by the guests, beautifully detailed and applied Henna was on display, and a live band took their place near the top of the aisle where a flowered canopy seating area awaited the Bride and Groom.

Imane’s Dad walked her down the aisle, and her stylish little Nephew, who met her at the top, flanked her side as Aydan turned around for his first look. The couple had a total of 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen at their Moroccan Wedding, who also took on the important role to marry the couple. The best mans’ speech during the ceremony was touching, heartfelt and brought laughs. Along with a beautiful speech by Imane’s friend. There was a poem read from Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, tear jerking vows, and a ring and hand tying ceremony to seal the deal. The couple then walked down the aisle to roars of applause and rose petals in the air.

Post I-do’s guests greeted the couple before making their way to the many chill out areas La Villa Dar Mucha boasts. Mint Tea was poured, bean bag cushions and traditional Moroccan tables decorated the lawns, lanterns shone and guests comfortably mingled and chatted underneath the coloured sky.

Post bridal portraits, Imane and Aydan made their way to the pool area as the Traditional Moroccan band greeted them again. What followed can only be described as an electric 25 minute dance marathon with every wedding guests in attendance and on the dance floor. Those previously spoken of items reflecting wishes made appearances again and guests again took their turns speaking wishes into the phone, while forming a dance circle around Imane and Aydan.

fter the celebrations, Imane made her way for a dress change. She emerged again clothed in a breathtaking traditional teal green beaded gown. Imane was then lead to her seat on a sparkling jewelled carriage, lifted up by traditionally dressed appointees, and was paraded with a procession lead by her beaming new husband and their families, towards their wedding guests at the poolside reception area.

Music filled the night sky, drums pulsed, and you could feel the heartbeat of the great energy. The air was warm, “La Shakra” was again being chanted by the bride’s helpers, as guests and the Bride and Groom clapped in rhythm.

What can we say. It was an absolutely fantastic and breathtaking wedding from start to finish and we thank Imane and Aydan for having us there photograph their special day!

Photographers: A collaboration between myself Nina Val Photography and David Frain

Wedding Planner:

Venue: Dar Moucha Marrakesh, Morocco