Jess and Ger’s Dublin City Hall wedding captured all those stylish and fantastic elements that a Dublin City Wedding can be.

The day began at @brownsugar where Jess, her Mom and sister began their wedding preparations. Meanwhile, Ger was starting his own preparations amongst friends and family at The Central Hotel in Dublin.

While on way back to The Westbury where Jess was to finish her bridal preparations we ran into a rock star. Ryan Hennessy from Band Picture This. Ryan was then greeted by his throws of young fans, and after their fan-demonium, Ryan greeted us inside and provided a few laughs inside the hotel. He happily offered a few pre-wedding, good luck snaps with the beauitful bride and her sister/maid of honor, Maggie.

The couple chose a to have a romantic ‘first look’ outside Dublin City Hall.  The also made quite an entrance when they choose to walk up the aisle together at their Dublin City Hall Wedding

Their Dublin City Hall ceremony had laughs, poems, music, tears, laughter. Their new baby puppy Wilma– whom we all eagerly included in their pre-wedding engagement shoot session– couldn’t make the wedding day itself, but that didn’t stop the couple from including her.

A photograph from the engagement shoot session, along with a jar containing the couples wedding rings, adorned a remote control race car.

During the ceremony, the car zipped up the aisle to greet the couple, under the steady and well controlled remote control driving of their young nephew.

Following champagne reception, family portraits and a group shot at their Dublin City Hall wedding, we made our way to Urban Plant Life for the couples bridal portraits amongst a wonderful array of plants and cacti.

On arrival we were greeted by a very enthusiastic Dalmatian who offered his own charm to the bridal portraits. Jess and Ger even took some time out to post wedding to water some flowers. Ger was also humerously able to reconnect to his spirit plant, Bamboo

Their evening reception was held at the beautiful Avoca on Suffolk Street and Jess and Ger’s wedding takes the trophy for being the first wedding to be held at their Avoca Suffolk Street location.

The Avoca Suffolk Street’s management, staff and the venue itself provided a wonderful atmosphere for their celebrations and were a perfect and ideal fit for their stylish Dublin City wedding.

Among Avoca’s bunting, vintage wall paper and picture framed walls, confetti was thrown, balloons were popped, and the couple and their guests enjoyed the fabulous food the venue lovingly prepared.

Following this, Jess and Ger put on quite a show with their traditional Croquembouche wedding cake that was also half rocket. Ger, as per customs, had to cut the top of the cake off with a sword. He did so, and his noble ability surpassed the cake, as it toppled over, yet was effortlessly saved by some equally able wedding guests. This only added to the excitement of their night, as balls of wedding cake rolled by. That moment brought many laughs amongst the couple and their guests and those truly are the moments that really make a wedding day special.

Having the run of Avoca Suffolk Street itself also made for some fun. Ger and his best pal horsed around amongst the wooden socks, and the couple themselves took some time out to have a go at playing shop keepers behind the Avoca tills. All in good fun!

The night progressed to Drurys Building for evening dancing and additional canapes . Prior to meeting all their guests there for their afters, Jess and Ger took a solo, hand and hand stroll though the cobbled streets of Dublin City. Accompanied by two balloons, the couple took in the evening air to the sounds of celebratory shouts of congratulations, by the many joyous passer bys.

Their night at Drurys Building progressed into the wee hours with music, dancing, canapes and pin ball machines. Prior to this we took some time for some further final evening bridal portraits, which made for some fantastic silhouetted imagery

I thank Jess and Ger, and puppy Wilma of course, for having me there to photograph their very special day. I wish them nothing but the continued happiness!


Nina Val