This was a fantastic Dublin City, Merrion Hotel Wedding.  Yvonne and Reuben are a wonderfully loved up pair.

I love last minute adventure and this wedding fell into that category. Being half American, half Irish, but living in the UK– the couple were anxiously awaiting final papers to arrive so their wedding day could happen.

Thanks to UPS, their day was realised, those gorgeous vows were exchanged, stunning memories were made and I was happy to be there to capture it all. Funnily, half way through our bridal portrait session a UPS van made its way toward us at a very appropriate time,–post ceremony and just as the couple were admiring an Irish mailbox. Perfect!

Yvonne and Reuben really wanted to capture the feel of Dublin City in their images. They held an absolutely perfect, intimate, 7 person wedding, and among the perks to more intimate weddings, is the extra time that allows for additional bridal portraits.

Dublin Bus also came into play when a bus banner with- ‘Forget Me Not’- appeared. As did a rainbow, that gorgeous winter light, and a bit of rain that we got to have some fun in while creating some stunning cinematic images that remind me of a romantic Audrey Hepburn film. Gorgeous

From a wee dance on the top of Grafton Street, as you do, do literally singing, dancing and jumping through the streets, it really was such a special wedding day for the pair.

We also took some time out for a stop to the pub where the newlyweds could recreate a windowsill image that Yvonne’s Grandma and Grandpa once did on their own wedding day. I love special memories like those. 

What a day from start to finish. Fun, excitement, romance, and it’s in witnessing that happiness that absolutely drives my career passion. It truly is a joy to be there on a wedding day, and to catch those special moments for my wonderful couples.

Thanks again Yvonne and Reuben! I had so much fun with you both, and I wish you both nothing but the continued best

Nina Val