Amy and Lisa met during the pandemic. Making great efforts to get to know one another within the pandemic and its restrictions. I love that about true love.

I only met Amy and Lisa via a telephone call a few days before their wedding. Their original photographer fell ill with Covid and they were sent my way. It’s always a comfort for clients to know that indeed suppliers have a network in situations like this, but in fairness situations like this are few and far between, but if they do happen, there are always options and things always work out.
Even though we just met, and all was last minute, I understood what Amy and Lisa were looking in regards to their wedding photography.
They hoped their day was captured in a natural way, and to my delight that their gorgeous doggo Buttons was included in the images.
Their wedding day started at Anglers Rest, the couple arrived to the wedding venue together before heading in for their wedding ceremony which was full of laughter, tears and more laughter
Post ceremony the couple chose to head off straight away for a requested short bridal portrait session as they really wanted the majority of their images to be of the gathering of their family and friends.
The couple choose Farmleigh in Phoenix Park for their images, and of course Buttons their doggo came along. We had a lot of fun
We headed back to their venue for the family portraits and drinks reception but not before some extra smoke bomb shots and some fun rainbow umbrella imagery
The family portraits were a laugh too, it was gas when Amy’s Rugby mates joined in the fun, lifting her up and throwing flowers for the catch
The banter during their day was so wonderful, the laughter, happiness, it was all in full swing.
There were funny and emotional speeches, with an extra air of anticipation to them.
Throughout the drinks reception it was funny to photograph all their guests trying to predict how long speeches would take, by carefully and thoroughly considering each person delivering them.
All guesses professionally documented on a piece of paper by their pal.
Their friend, who runs a baking business, made their stunning wedding cake, the candy table was bountiful, the doughnut wall equally, flowers, candles, ornate chandeliers, rustic mirrors, cascading greenery, gorgeous fireplaces and lovely photos of the couple and their doggo Buttons decorated the space and stairway.
This was such a fantastic wedding, so heartfelt and so beautiful.
Wishing Amy and Lisa all the continued happiness. The gorgeous newlyweds! Congrats !