Veronica and Darragh’s Barberstown Castle wedding was the fairy tale day the couple had imagined.

Barberstown Castle provided a perfect, romantic, Irish fairy tale backdrop for the couples Barberstown Castle wedding and reception. A magical wedding venue, where two families– individually from Mexico and Ireland–could joyously celebrate along side one another and the happy couple.

Veronica and Darragh pulled out all the stops for their families and friends in attendance at their Barberstown Castle wedding. It was clear to see the joy on not only the couples faces throughout the day, but also on the faces of their wedding guests

In the morning sunlight, while the venues friendly Labradors were running about the garden, Veronica and Darragh both began their morning preparations, at Barberstown Castle .

During Veronica’s getting process it was easy to see how kind and loving she is. Tending to not only her own hair, but also taking the time out to perfectly style her families hair. She showed and showered everyone with so much love. Her wonderful energy filled the rooms.

The couples wedding day at Barberstwon Castle included both Mexican and Irish traditions. Also some Mexican fashion. Veronica and Darragh’s wedding shoes were both nods to her Mexican background, featuring lucky Mexican Day of The Dead imagery. A common theme throughout the day from not only the shoes, but also as their cake topper and table decors.

Acting as Mexican translator for the Irish Pastor, was Veronica’s best friend. She perfectly assisted in delivering and repeating the couples marriage vows in Mexican, adding to how special those words are for the couple.

During the wedding service at Barberstown Castle, a very long traditional Mexican Rosary, gifted by Veronica’s Aunt and Uncle from Mexico, was placed around the couple during their vows. There were also an array of religious Mexican coins that the couple exchanged.

Following the ceremony we took some time out for some bridal portraits around the stunning grounds of Barberstown Castle, finishing with some entertaining family portraits.

What Mexican wedding is complete without a Piñata?! Following some further evening portraits with the couple, guests gathered around to watch the candy go flying. Alas after trying to find something to hit it with, an old fire pit poker was found, which even in it’s smallness, did the trick. There were some very happy kids with handfuls of candy, and a very happy bride and groom with their own handfuls too! The Piñata was made by Irish company Whacky Piñata’s who for luck adorned the piñata with both Mexican and Irish flags.

Barberstown Castle made a lovely backdrop for some final sparkler shots with friends and family, before the couple embarked on their evening of celebrations ahead.

Veronica and Darragh’s Barberstown Castel wedding was such a special day, and I wish them nothing but continued happiness!


Nina Val