………….& now their love story, and more from a selection of images from their wedding day…….

Paula and Fergal have a beautiful love story

They met online during Christmas 2015, talked daily, and it was St Patricks Day 2016 that they decided to meet in person. A wonderful breakfast date was arranged, a trip to the Zoo, which all went so well, they went for an Italian dinner later that evening.  6 years later the couple have been inseparable.

For the proposal, it was the first Christmas 2020, in their new home, that Fergal popped the question. They had a day planned of visiting Fergal parents and having the extended family over to theirs. So decided for a bit of me time for the holidays they’d get up early to exchange gifts and spend some private time together. They opened a couple of small stocking filler gifts, then Fergal handed Paula a card to read, which spoke of all their time together since meeting.

Then ever the romantic Fergal produced a glass box. In it was a wooden ring he made with one of the carpenters on the job. Fergal had went to Patrick Glynn Jewellers where he got a small crystal to place into the wooden ring and that beautiful glass box for the home made ring to sit in. Of course Paula said, Yes!

They later had an engagement ring made with the same jeweller which incorporated their own birth stones. Paula said she felt Fergal had put so much into the planning of the first ring-which I made sure to photograph on the wedding day- that she wanted to be part of the real ring process. The results was a stunngin design, as was Fergal’s elegant ring, which was by Michael Perry Jewellery Designer

The couple planned an intimate and magical wedding at Ballymagarvey Village. Their beautiful venue welcome the wedding party few weeks after Christmas 2022. Singing birds, frosted grass, iced over bird baths, frozen cabbages and that stunning January 2023 winter sunlight
From custom engagement and wedding rings, to Paula’s stunning custom design wedding dress by Niamh Lynch
Paula also had custom shoes by Flordeasoka, which were powered blue velvet, coming all the way from Spain. Her shoes beautifully contrasted the subtle pink flower embroidery on her off the shoulder mid length wedding dress creation. Can’t forget the blush feathers of her purse and more wonderful detail was a pair of blush pink converse she changed into for the evening dancing !
Fergal stunningly tailored suit was wonderfully provided by Anthony from Diffney’s
The couples morning prep was heaps of fun. Food and beverage wise Ballymagarvey Village put on quite an elaborate spread both in Ballymagarvey’s ‘Barn Wedding Garden’ where the bride and her family and friends relaxed,  and in the Grooms personal Cottage. From sambos to scones, sausages, to fruit, yourgert, pastries, champagne, coffee, juice, tea, fresh strawberries. It was all there
There was laughter, tears, and even some time for Paula to find a quiet moment to relax and reflect in the winter sun.

Paula’s make-up was done beautifully by Nicola Plummer

Her hair was done by NHO Dublin  with the colour by salon owner Mark Byrne.

Ferg Daily is Paula’s main stylist who happened to be away on holidays during the wedding period, so sent was the ever so talented Lisa from NHO Dublin

The ceremony was touching & funny. Paula’s nephew walked her up the aisle, and it’s both the couples nephews that made up the official bridal party.
Lots of laughs when each appointed candle lighter was so full of emotion they nearly lit the wrong candle, each time a group went up. which brought a lot of laughs. Even the bridal candle was nearly lit, but not by the hands of the couple themselves, quickly saved amongst the laughter by Celebrant Ciara O’Connor who spoke a gorgeous ceremony, with ceremony music by The Kooky Ukes
The wed, they kissed, there were tears of delight and laughter, and then they tied a perfect knot during the hand fasting ceremony
Post ceremony we made time for a group shot before family and bridal portraits, where the couple walked backlit up a hill, past a wishing well, where awaiting at the hill top was a sunset and two swans kissing as they swam through a frozen pond. The stuff of dreams
The couple then made time for a private dance and a cheers of champagne infront of the main house, before greeting their guests for the drinks reception, again with music by The Kooky Ukes
The speeches took place in the reception room of Ballymagarvey Village, with its thousands of fairy lights.
Sitting top table and in the corners of the room were gorgeous flower paper designs by The Paper Petal Studio which also adorned the aisle of the wedding ceremony room. Great to see such gorgeous rentable art that could be moved around to decorate various parts of the day
Their cake was a custom design too. Representing the elements. Fire, water, air and earth. A few bricks were iced onto the cake too, representing Fergals building trade. Done beautifully by Zuko’s Bakery.
A 5 course meal awaited the couples and their guests, followed by some dancing, with reception music by the epic Pink Champagne who had everyone off their seats
But prior to the band starting, the couple joined me outside for some evening portraits under the iconic chandelier lit trees of Ballymagarvey Village
Paula and Fergal continued the night as their journey started, surrounded by their bond and the care and support of their closest friends and family, which as the couples speeches reflected, is so felt and appreciated by the pair
I want to wish Paula and Fergal all the continued best and big thanks to them both for having me on hand for their beautiful wedding day