Absolutely loved photographing Sarah and Daniel’s America meets Ireland Airfield Estate wedding.

The day started at The Westbury, a five start hotel in Dublin City where the couple had their morning prep in conjoining rooms.

There was a small delay with the Bestman’s flight from America, and it was during morning prep that he arrived to a very ecstatic room.

Everything seemlingly always works out, even when you’re not entirely sure how it will. The couple went with the flow, and everything ended up just perfectly.

The Bride’s maid of honour made a power point presentation detailing her friendship with the bride, a journey from childhood to present day.  It was touching to watch and she

does a great powerpoint I must say. It brought some extra laughs during the morning prep and we made time to re create one of the photo poses of the two when they were small

Some food arrived to the room, the day’s stunning flowers were delivered by the Grooms brother…..and hanging beautifully waiting to be worn was the bride’s pink Sarah Foy Couture wedding dress.

The wedding parties hair was done by professional hair stylist Styled by Rachel, and make-up was by professional make-up artist Maria Whiting, who both provided stunning looks

The couple had a sentimental and emotional first look in the room of  The Westbury, and prior to heading to Airfield Estate -a gorgeous One Fab Day venue supplier- for their I-do’s we took a bit of time to take a stroll around the city for some fun bridal portraits.

The couple were greeted by a round of applause at every block along the way, the warm breeze worked with the photos, birds flew into frame at perfect times- and then there was the LUAS shot. The couple really wanted a shot with the approaching Luas so we made sure we got that. Initially, the newlyweds wanted to take the Luas to Airfield Estate as a fab photo opportunity, which I was well up for,  but alas it was the weekend of Longitude, so rather than contend with that, they choose to arrived to the venue in a glamorous BMW.

A coffee request was called in to the lovely team at Airfield Estate and upon the couples arrival, and those fresh cups awaited them upon their arrival. Sinead the events executive and the venues whole team are incredible, professional and absolutely passionate about what they do and what they provide. Absolute hospitality and attention to detail the whole day

The couple took some private time to themselves ahead of the ceremony, while I took some photos of the stunning venue, with it’s bounty of flowers in bloom, and the guests starting to arrive

It was a gorgeous warm day, bride were chirping, butterflies flying around, a beautiful scent of fragrance in the air as the wedding guests arrived

The couple had a touching ceremony with Humanist Lucie O’Sullivan …… Mother and Daughter Harpist duo and fellow One Fab Day suppliers Harp Duets played captivating music, the couples personal vows were read, stunning rings- that the couple made themselves at Silverworks in Dublin- were exchanged and happy tears were dried. An enchanting ceremony.  Beautiful, emotional and everything they hoped it would be as they excited the ceremony to handfuls of dried flower confetti.

We got straight into the family portraits in front of the Garden House, took some time for some bridal party portraits and had more fun with some another bridal portrait session around Airfield Estate.

The drinks reception kicked off into full swing. Bubbles were blown, Badminton was played, and the couple had more heaps of confetti cast their way. Made for more great imagery

Canapés from Overends Kitchen at Airfield Estate were served, Harp Duets continued their aptmopsheric melodies and the Irish meets American banter was in full swing.

The dinner took place in the historic Manor House or Airfield Estate.

The place settings the bride made herself and I have to say they were stunning. The whole room was beautiful, elegant and alive with meadow flowers which were by Bizzy Lizzies Flowers -an Artisan Flower Farm in Waterford. They were absolutely breathtaking florals

Speeches took place before dinner, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

When Daniel’s Mom got up for her impromptu speech, you’d have though she spent a year working on it. It was funny, didn’t miss a beat, and she had the room howling with laughter.

Before dessert was served Sarah came over to see me on my dinner break for a friendly chat and to offer a kind thank you.

The timing was perfect. Just as Sarah came over to me, the sun shone through the windows, almost as if it was following her, and I couldn’t resist doing some solo portraits of her in that light. It was delicate, peaceful and she looked so beautiful.

You’re such a stunning bride Sarah.

Post dinner, we took some time for some evening portraits around the venue. The sunset was striking and vivid with light nearly following Sarah and Daniel once again, as it illuminated the bride’s pink Sarah Foy Courtue dress

The newlyweds took some time to say hello to some chickens, before posing in front of the Airfield Estate heart trellace

First dance kicked off in the venue gardens and then joined the dance floor to dance the night away.

But that isn’t all.

The dance floor was paused for a moment when it was the venue’s ice-cream bike time to rock.

Sarah hopped on the seat, and Daniel opened the vendor lid, and the newlyweds served home made Airfield Estate ice-cream to their gusts.

Sarah and Daniel swiftly tuned into ice cream shop vendors, offering choices of flavours and hiding out spoons

It was really funny. To make it even more like a shop experience, the guests formed an orderly due, laughing, giving out about the make believe wait in jest, and even kicking up their heels once served their sweet treats.

Goodie bags with homemade cookies from Scéal Bakery were gifted, more coffee, teas and a cheese board were on offer while the dancing continued well into the evening.

Such a wonderful and beautiful day for this fab couple.  Congrats again Sarah and Daniel and wish you the continued best in all you do