Laura and Stephen!

Such a touching love story that made this beautiful garden wedding possible

Laura’s brother and Stephen and school friends and that is how the couple met

It’s a funny story as Laura’s Grandma caught Stephen and Laura making what looked like eyes at one another at a gathering, and Grandma knew before anyone that something may be brewing between the two. She could see the sparks even before they could.

Sure enough 6 months later and the couple had been dating. But dating in secret. Grandma was right. It was the big reveal when they finally told her brother, the last one in the family circle to find out. He was overjoyed when he did find out.

It was all a really funny story delivered so well through their service by their celebrant. Everyone was crying with laughter.

Maldives was the engagement destination for the travel loving duo. Their dream holiday location where Stephen would ask Laura to marry him.
Little did they know with Covid restrictions it was going to take moving their wedding date and all the plan that go along with it 3 separate times, including a wedding date in Italy in order to do so.

But nothing stops love and nothing stops this duo.

As soon as it was allowed to do so, Laura’s family decided to turn their property into their beautiful wedding venue for the couple, enlisting the help of Dream Events to do so.

When I arrived the sun was out, there was playful banter in the air, a Prosecco van waiting to make friends with guests, a pig was roasting on a pit fire, and special moments were happening like Laura’s Godfather gifting her with a bouquet locket with her Grandma’s photo. The same Grandma that predicted their love. Que the tears.

Another welcome element to their final wedding date was an additional guest-Laura and Stephen’s baby bump! Laura was a beautiful beaming mother to be and Stephen was so full of pride for his new family.

The couple looked spectacular and their ceremony was very touching. So full of love and laughter.

As soon as it began, the birds overhead all sitting in a line on telephone wires started up in birdsong. It was perfect timing. Their perfect fairytale ceremony.

Adding to the magic was a stunning song sung by the bride’s sister, the couples own hand written vows, and another remarkable gesture by Stephen to his beautiful bride.
Seeing as their wedding couldn’t be in Italy, a place close to their family, Stephen ordered in an Italian tree that had significance to the Grandma who again predicted their beautiful love story.

The tree was brought in mid ceremony, to Laura’s surprise which immediately turned tears. It was planted immediately and you could see on Laura’s face how special that special thought was for her.

What a beautiful heartwarming wedding. So full of happiness, family and warmth.  Wishing these two and soon to be three, nothing but the continued best!


Do check out their wedding suppliers below:

Dress: Wed2Be

Make-up: Lorna Kelty

Hair:  Bernie Kinsella

Celebrant: Neil Horgan

Party Specialists Event Managment:  Dream Events

Wedding Decor: Polkadot Events