Edel and Philips @Knightsbrook Hotel Spa & Golf Resort wedding in Trim was a day full of love and bursting with fun. The pair really wanted their wedding day to be filled with precious special moments with the people closest to them.

That said they also wanted to throw a big party, complete with a second dinner for their evening guests. So they did both and it was a exactly as they had wanted.

I was absolutely brought to laughter again looking back on their day for this blog write up. The magic of photos.

Edel and Philip are such a lovely pair and they had so much fun on their day. To think at first meeting they said they were camera shy.

Their intimate ceremony and private early dinner really allowed for the first half of their day to be just that. Intimate and all about their immediate family.

From early morning tears from laughter between the gorgeous Edel and her bestie /bridesmaid, to Philip jumping on the bed with his Dad and groomsmen, there were no shortages of hilarious moments during the morning of Edel and Philips @Knightsbrook Hotel Spa & Golf Resort wedding.

There was wedding registry signing with the most fuzzy 90s pen that would make Cher from Clueless jelly, to the whole wedding party partaking in a kick left, kick right conga line to the theme of New York, New York.

Edel’s brother also offered comedy gold throughout the day . He acted as her official best bridesman which was lovely to see and took his duties very seriously. But as all brothers do, he kept room for welcomed mischievous fun. Like lovingly kicking his new brother in law in the arse post ceremony as the newlyweds exited the love tunnel. As you do.

Puzzles played a part throughout their @Knightsbrook Hotel Spa & Golf Resort wedding. From customized key chain puzzle pieces gifted to their bridal party, an additional puzzle waiting at the top of the alter for the couple to put together mid-vows. There were also puzzle pieces that acted as their guest book. Great idea! Edel even had her grandmothers watch sewn into her dress as a sentimental and touching memento.

There was much of these details at Edel and Philips @Knightsbrook Hotel Spa & Golf Resort wedding, and as all wedding detail should be, they really reflected who the couple are and the things that they love.

Edel wore customized bridal runners for the day, wore a stunning wedding dress by Wed2Be, and had her make-up and hair done by Pamela Mathews Hair & Make–Up.

The newlyweds ‘jumped the broom’ post ceremony, found doppelgängers in lego pieces and made time for some lawn side chess playing. They even brought their boxing gear. Why? Because this duo love kick boxing and soccer.

This played a part on the couples cake topper, and of course, in some of our evening bridal portraits. I am still inspired and in awe at how flawlessly and efficiently Edel can reapply her lipstick with a boxing glove on. What a woman!

Post ceremony, the couple enjoyed a champagne and canapés reception with their guests before we took some time away to head to Bective Abbey for some additional bridal portraits in some really beautiful light.

We even made a few additional stops along the way where Edel and Philip showed they can hop over a gate in a wedding dress and suit like it’s something they’ve done every weekend for years. The pair are amazing!

The early evening saw the arrival of their further guests. They enjoyed the caricature artist, candy kart, wonderful decor, atmosphere and a beautiful second dinner. The ballroom at @Knightsbrook Hotel Spa & Golf Reso was a lovely backdrop for the evening.

The stage was also set for the performance of Philips talented cousin Ray Scully– who was a finalist on The Voice. He went on to play a wonderful set.

As the sun set, we took a few moments to venture out for some additional evening bridal portraits in some evening light. The pairs boxing gloves were in tow, along with the most lovely paper umbrella that summed up the day perfectly– ‘Just Married’.

The couple headed back to their evening reception where the dance floor festivities kicked off immediately. Literally, the first note from their DJ brought a packed dance floor, with everyone starting as they meant to go on.

Warm thanks to Edel and Philip for having me there to photograph their wonderful wedding day. It really is a bonus to my job to be able to meet so many wonderful people along the way, and I thank them all.

It’s additionally heartwarming when at first meeting it’s explained by this pair that they’re extremely camera shy or as they put it. ‘camera allergic’.

But after their engagement shoot and their pre-wedding chat- that all simply disappeared. They had so much fun on their day and that’s all that matters. Their photos absolutely speak for themselves. What a pair!


Nina Val